Change is good even if you don’t see it right away

I here some say change is good.  I know most of us hate the feeling that change brings when it is brought upon us without any notice.  I myself can relate.  I just recently moved from one area to another.  Thus is why you have not heard from me lately.  The process of moving everything out of one apartment to another is all about change; letting go of some things that may have been kept well beyond their use; and reusing things you did not know you had.

I speak about change today because in life change is so necessary. It is a way to measure your growth in change.  I found that this move has truly made me more aware of me the person.  Someone that could not wait to get out of her car and home is now taking the time to go on an adventure every time I am behind the wheel. All while driving to my destination.  I thought I would dread the drive on the highway, miss working two jobs 40 hours a week each and get home plum tuckered. Instead I learned to cut my hours down to 65 hours a week between two jobs and still have a little me time on the road.

The point I am trying to make is that even when we dread the change it still has value and can add value to your life.  Most of us wonder why I would make such a statement and the biggest change was my place of living.  I learned in this move that I have found time to really relax and enjoy creating a new adventure.  I learned that in this move I had more patience then I thought.  I also learned that I am more resilient then I thought as this was a stressful move.  Nonetheless the change was good,  I learned in this move that if I am out of my comfort level I am more apt to think with the glass half full.  I am able to utilize my critical thinking skills with my daily adventures of making it to work on time and enjoying exploring the world around me.

So as you think of the many things in your life that may change either daily, weekly or yearly remember to embrace the change.  Each change we are able to encounter allows us to bring more growth which equates to wisdom.


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