What is your addiction……..

I wonder what is the first thing you thought of when you read the word addiction.  I know for me it use to be some form of over use of a chemical you are putting into your body that you just cannot stop.  The over whelming feeling of going up high and then crashing to the ground like a harsh wave hitting the sand on a beach front.

The reality is that people can have an addiction to many things and not just a chemical like smoking, or heroin.  Its so easy for society to just take addiction and make it a one way highway when in fact if you look around its closer then you think.  I bring this topic up as I talk to people that are close to me.  They are always complaining  I have no personal time because I am always working.  I thought long and hard this weekend, eager to get back to writing a blog, and realized I could not hop online because I was at work.

I realized this morning as I got ready for work.  I work 7 days a week I am home for only 6-8 hours a night and back at work with very little time for socializing or me time.  Some wonder why I do it, is it for money?  Am I avoiding something in my personal life?  I never really thought about it until this morning.  I realized that for me I have to stay busy.  I have so much energy that if I do not work myself to tiredness then I will just be up all night not getting very much sleep.  I find that keeping myself busy at work is the one consistent balance that I need.  Some people say they could not live without going to the gym.  I could not live without pushing myself to the limits at work, seeing just how many hours my mind and body can go without really stopping. The rat race challenge although can be a struggle is also fun.   This was just my realization to my addiction to work.  Yes I say addiction because the definition is just that any one person that is always compelled to work, thinking about work and feels guilty calling out of work.

I confess I am a workaholic.  I work so many hours that I have to plan my outings with my friend like a business meeting because my time is so limited.  I find more ways to keep myself busy with some kind of work either from my full time or picking up extra hours at my part time job.  I have to be honest it does and will affect my life; even more if I continue to  allow work to be the only  aspect my life.  I learned this weekend that I miss a lot of great networking opportunities or just down time  because I am always at work.

I also now understand the phrase work, life, balanced which has been a staple at my full time job for the past 10 years.  Each and every one of us deserves a work,life balance that is healthy.  When we have a great work, life , balance we are able to achieve more,  we become more attached to our needs as well as the needs of the ones we love.  We are able to relax and give our bodies a better chance at rebounding from illness and mental weariness.

So I ask what are you so compelled to do that it interrupts your daily responsibilities?  What is it that you are secretly in denial to yourself or love ones but it is taking over your life?  Please join the conversation, stop and share your thoughts I would love to hear…..


One thought on “What is your addiction……..

  1. For at least about 8 years I had developed an “addiction” to creating and recording music. I considered it an addiction not just because of the pleasure l got from recording my compositions but the negative impact it had on my family and yes even my health. One thing I learned about my compulsion was how it made me feel affirmed, accomplished and validated. So really the addiction ( for me at least) wasn’t so much the means as it was the results I was receiving from it.

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