The loss of innocence……..


Are we asking for our youth to be more responsible than the adults?  Are we turning to our children and asking them to make adult decisions when in fact that is our job to perform?  I ask these questions as I scan the news today reading about a young lady that is fighting for her freedom.  The young lady “Bresha Meadows” unfortunately is paying with her freedom for protecting her family at the young age of 14.  I hear so many of these stories where children are held responsible like an adult for crimes they have committed.  Unfortunately it just breaks my heart.

Some will say well she could have called the police.  Others may say she could have removed her self from the home and runaway.  However in a world like we live in today the options are not that great if you are a runaway.  Sleeping on the streets is not the easiest thing to do and finding food is even harder.   Not to mention all the predators out there just looking for a child with no support maybe down in their luck to take advantage.

I know because I remember the days of being a runaway and those days were not fun by no means.  I also remember the juvenile court which was not fun either.  Although it was well over 20 years ago I am sure the scenery is the same,  A room full with adults talking amongst each other with no real care on what is going on in the child’s mind; in the court room with them.  I remember being told “Stay in a child’s place” all the while I was treated like an adult.  The mixed messages so quickly given to children  but the punishments so harsh and consistent I seldom wonder if we realize what we are doing to our youth.

The innocence that children possess is like no other. It is a purity that cannot be bought or resold but we are so quick to destroy it in fear.  We fear that the innocence and unfiltered thoughts of our children will someday change our society  for the better.   Instead we keep the same pattern of cruelty passing down from one generation to the next building a wall of bitterness from one generation to the next allowing the true innocence of our youth to be lost to the streets, violence, and jails of our country.

Today I ask you is the innocence of the youth lost? Are we creating a world so harden that we are creating generations of fight or flight? Are we as adults holding up our end of the bargain to protect and provide to our children and youth? Or are we selling our youths innocence to save ourselves?


3 thoughts on “The loss of innocence……..

  1. There is no today copy what they see.look at all the short shorts they make for twelve year olds.there mothers watch there daughters go out side like a young adult .disfunction always starts with home

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