Sacrifice for love.

What do you sacrifice for the name of love? Do you give yourself up completely? Do you make a compromise so that the sacrifices are fair? Do you just look for that person that will mold you to whatever they want.  Are you that person that is just looking for someone to say those three words and mean it because you never heard or felt the emotion?

What I have learned in my many years is that, many of us don’t really know what love means. We are so quick to say it to our counterparts, friends and family  with no real substance behind the word.  We think once we say those three words “I love you” that all is well.  Only if that was true.  I heard growing up “you tend to hurt the ones you love.” I say you show your true self around those you claim to love.  We all look and want that person that is the apple of our eye.  The person to grow old with but to what extent.  What will you give of yourself to hear and feel that emotion.  I have learned that most people say I love you with conditioned terms to how deep that love will go.

When I say those three words “I love you” it means unconditional. I am not looking to change the person nor or you looking to change me. Love is acceptance, Good, bad or indifferent.  I love you because you are who you are and no other reason.  I thought that was the definition of “I love you.”  As I get older I am still learning the definitions to words and phrases mean different things to different people.

In the many years of chasing those three words “I love you” I learned  don’t make sacrifices that change or alter your core beliefs. Don’t make sacrifices without knowing if its going to be reciprocated. Don’t sacrifice you for the other. Always remember to be able to love someone else you first must truly love yourself unconditionally.  Then and only then will you understand the full meaning of those three words.  I love you and the sacrifices made for love will be just soft memories imprinted in your mind of what the emotion love is really about.



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