The Lost identity of America…..

Have you ever asked a friend, what race do they consider themself? What ethnicity are you?  Yes rare question to ask someone you talk to daily.  I know its far easier to just assume you know their race and ethnicity based just on someone’s appearance; but you cannot.  I remember being a child thinking how lucky I was to be of two ethnicities.  As I began to function through society I realized that not everyone sees the uniqueness and qualities each ethnicity brings to this country and each persons life.

I can say this because I know from personal experience, Yes i am black but i am also of hispanic decent. However when I entered school I was only acknowledged as black.  I could not completely understand why but I clearly remember the feeling that gave me when I finally realized that my hispanic side was not being seen. Some people may think “So what’s the big deal?”

The big deal is; I was always taught growing up; that America is a country of many races and ethnicities banded together as one.  I still believe in that America. If we continue to judge people purely because of what they look like or group people in one race or ethnicity we then continue the cycle of lost identity in America.  Please do not get me wrong; yes I am American but America means to me respecting the differences of each other while we respect and learn the cultures of many.  We must count and acknowledge each and everyone and keep an open mind to others and their culture.  This is the only way to truly respect and honor what each ethnicity and culture brings to this unique and beautiful country we call America.

So my challenge for you today is broaden your horizons ask a good friend, coworker those same questions, ask them what is part of their culture. Learn to explore the world around you without moving from your seat.  Please come back and share. Tell me what you learned today.







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