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I hope that my blogs will allow those to put down the technology for a second and have a thought-provoking conversation with your friends, relatives and coworkers.  I unfortunately  on one hand am not good with sugar-coating things. On the other hand I am interested in a lot of different topics and hope to bring some awareness to my passion Mental illness in America.  I look forward to sharing weird and quirky stories I find in the News and of course comment or two from me regarding that same story.  A dedication on Friday’s to mental illness and of course some thoughtful placed commentary that I would love to hear your response.   I also take pictures of nature on my spare time and plan on sharing some of those images on my page.

Thank all those that took the time to read, or even just pass through my page. Please remember to leave your presence on my page with a comment.


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Where do you go to find your soul. A place where you can see every color of green glisten as the sun rays dashes against its many moving leaves. A place where living is inspired by the sounds of mother nature rummaging through the floors. Where can you go to enjoy peace and quiet; while you hear your heart beat in the moment as you walk through the wonder of amazement. I can tell you, I go to the Forest. Every year I make it a point to locate a new forest in my state. Its is one of the most enchanting places in your own backyard. What we fail to realize is that we are also loosing these gems of solitude to over population. I understand too well the struggles of housing in most states but also value the beauty of clean air, tall trees and places for children and adults alike to explore. My way of dealing with the struggles of life is to get lost in the wilderness of the forest. A place where magical sounds come from the tree tops and imagination can run free as you wonder through the amazement. A place where you are allowed to get lost in your own free thoughts and disconnect from the day to day electronics that keep you tied to your friends and family. Where should you explore next the forest near you.

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This afternoon I decided to take a new ride home. Its a long ride depending on the traffic but i try to find an adventure every drive. I always start of with a good audiobook. I use either hoopla or overdrive. They are great apps for reading on the go and its free. As i … Continue reading Rapid

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